Highs, lows of 2017 + my 2018 intention

Happy New Year! As I write this, I’m hiding out in my bedroom while my husband entertains our 11-month-old. I have my laptop, my coffee, a cozy blanket and snuggly dog, and I’m feeling especially grateful to be indoors on this chilly day in the city. It’s heavenly. It’s been pretty quiet on this blogContinue reading “Highs, lows of 2017 + my 2018 intention”

Making peace with my post-baby body

It happened on a Tuesday morning. I stepped on the scale and it there it was, the number I’d been longing for—my pre-baby weight. Seven months had passed and finally all 50 (yes, 50…) pounds I’d gained via pregnancy were gone. This moment I’d built up in my head, this goal achieved felt strangely anticlimactic.Continue reading “Making peace with my post-baby body”

From boyfriend to husband to father

The fathers we know and love have back stories, lives that were once free of the weight of parenthood. Before bedtime routines and bottles of milk and early morning wake ups, there were probably more late nights out with friends, bottles of beer and lazy Saturday mornings spent sleeping in (the same could be saidContinue reading “From boyfriend to husband to father”

Why I’m being a little more selfish these days 

It had been five weeks since our son was born, and I had a hair appointment with my favorite stylist coming up. I’d made it last December thinking this would be a good way to get myself out of the house. Glancing at the calendar that week, I remember thinking that it seemed rather ambitious toContinue reading “Why I’m being a little more selfish these days “

Snuggles, spit ups and what’s surprised me most about motherhood

I’ve been trying to write this post for weeks. This probably sums up parenthood or at least life with a newborn pretty accurately. You have good intentions: you make plans, get excited about said plans, and then? Baby has other plans. Your plans go out the window. Fixin’ to eat dinner at 6? Think again.Continue reading “Snuggles, spit ups and what’s surprised me most about motherhood”