A prayer for my son after his fifth birthday

Nothing about your birth had gone according to plan — and I love a good plan —  resulting in an emergency c-section and a stay in the NICU. Honestly, I thought I’d failed you. Yet five years later, I can see the strength in both of us.

Scenes from a pregnancy

Countless times throughout this pregnancy I’ve been asked “How are you feeling?” Most of the time I’ve responded with “Fine,” peppered with a physical shift: “Fine, but I’m not sleeping.” “Fine! The baby’s really kicking.” “Fine, but my back aches.”

“How does it feel to be pregnant?” is an entirely different question.

The gifts of waiting (newsletter sneak peek)

Here we are in Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas. It’s a season when Christians anticipate celebrating Jesus’ birth and the promise he will come again. It’s also a time when people of varied beliefs practice waiting. But what does it mean to wait?