Where I’ve prayed (an incomplete list)

At the foot of Hart Lake, wisps of breath swirling in the alpine air, marveling at the breadth of sky and pines and Cascade Mountains, feeling so small, feeling the expansiveness of God’s presence; In the Chapel of the Resurrection for 10 p.m. worship, surrounded by classmates, basking in the glow of candlelight, singing “JesusContinue reading “Where I’ve prayed (an incomplete list)”

Adam Richard: A redemptive birth story

I fastened my hospital-issued smock and hefted my achy body onto the bed. Machines hummed. The smell of disinfectant permeated the air. A Christmas morning kind of excitement buzzed inside of me. Today was the day! After 39 weeks, we were going to meet our second child. A fierce kick jabbed my belly. I lookedContinue reading “Adam Richard: A redemptive birth story”

A prayer for my son after his fifth birthday

Nothing about your birth had gone according to plan — and I love a good plan —  resulting in an emergency c-section and a stay in the NICU. Honestly, I thought I’d failed you. Yet five years later, I can see the strength in both of us.