The Beauty of Motherhood

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The early years of motherhood are filled with moments of wonder and joy alongside day-to-day challenges. You want to connect with God, but you’re exhausted. You’re questioning if you’re doing enough for your kids and wondering if you’ll ever have time for yourself again. 

With scripture, stories, prayers, and practices, The Beauty of Motherhood provides refreshment, encouragement, and the reminder that you are not alone as you mother. Join me and my coauthor Kim Knowle-Zeller as we bear witness to the ways God’s grace breaks through in our motherhood journeys. In this devotional, we explore growing pains, pregnancy, birth, body image, delight, loss, comparison, vocation, friendship, and more. Whether you’re new to motherhood or a veteran mom, we hope our stories will help you slow down and see the beauty in raising young children.

These poignant and prayerful meditations will bring you back to yourself – and the love God has for you and your children.

Kayla Craig, creator of Liturgies for Parents and author of To Light Their Way

Erin and Kim share their deep intimate reflections of motherhood with profound tenderness. While reading, I found myself thinking of my own children while also imagining my mother as a young woman,
cradling me in her arms decades ago.

The Rev. Angela T. !Khabeb, ELCA Pastor, Living Lutheran columnist, Public
Theologian, and Good Morning America guest contributor

A beautiful blend of story, application,
and prayer, The Beauty of Motherhood
is a master class in experiencing God in
the everyday moments of motherhood.
These pages are soaked in love, glimmering with grace, and will surely be a gift to mothers everywhere.

Ashlee Gadd, Founder of Coffee + Crumbs and author of Create Anyway: The Joy of Pursuing Creativity in the Margins of Motherhood