Marriage after baby

“So… what’s your marriage like now?” I remember asking friends after they had babies. Since we became a family of three, I’m finding the answer to this question isn’t easy to distill into a soundbite. It’s better as a story . . .

On our first date after Jack was born, my husbnd I try hard to focus on the fancy drinks and the cool venue and avoid conversation related to baby. It’s just us. Alone. Having sushi!

Conversation flows easy. We hold hands. We actually take our time eating. No matter how much sushi I consume–the one pregnancy craving I can finally indulge–it doesn’t fill me up.

This date is *supposed* to be fun, but I can’t relax. I check my phone for the zillionth time for messages from my mom, the babysitter. No messages. I look up and sigh.

A dad and his young son settle in at the table across from us. “He loves sushi,” he says sheepishly as we look their way.

My husband and I exchange a glance—it’s as if both our hearts heave a sigh of relief. I chuckle, and we finish our date making small talk with with them, swapping stories about our sons.

As we exit the restaurant I squeeze my husband’s hand. Our bellies are full and our hearts even fuller, eager to come home to our son.

This is love after baby.



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