She was asleep to the beauty of her life until she left it. “Mommy play with me!” Her husband’s socks balled up and abandoned on the carpet. The never-ending cycle of laundry and “What’s for dinner?” Bottom-wiping and dog duty.

She craved adventure; this wasn’t enough.

She hatched a plan and escaped.


Miles away from home, she woke in an unfamiliar bed, hungry for her family. She relished her journey. Not only did it feed her soul, it depleted her heart. And that was a good thing, she decided, because she needed to remember just how much she needs the ones she cares for. How their love fills her up.

Please don’t let me forget this, she wrote in her notebook. These extraordinary blessings — people to miss, a cozy home, clothes to wear, nourishing food, meaningful work. When she was back in their embrace she prayed, thank you. Please don’t let me forget.

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