some signs of hope in 2020 (a list)

the faithfulness of wildflowers
& the changing seasons,
children laughing,
for once a good news story,
hot coffee (preferably first thing in
the morning),
dogs, especially puppies,
the friend who texted, “everything ok?” when
you didn’t show up to Zoom book club,
your new haircut, &
this poem that made you realize
you weren’t the only one
who felt like that,
dreams (sweet ones) scrawled in
your notebook
alongside mantras like “one day at a time”
& “you are enough,”
geese soaring someplace warmer,
people standing up for racial justice,
voting for kindness,
your son, &
how he beams at you when
you’re holding hands


  1. Ashlee Gadd says:

    Love this, Erin. I have a similar list in my phone right now, of saving graces in 2020. Keep writing 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. erinstry says:

      Thank you, Ashlee! Let’s keep noticing grace and hope in our midst. 💛


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