A wave of love

Two years ago, I sobbed when America didn’t elect her.

And I continue to lament the way his presidency’s built walls in our nation. His words and actions have fostered hate for those who look or worship or love or vote differently than us; cruelty at our borders; distrust of the truth — of journalists and scientists. On multiple occasions, he’s failed to denounce the evils of white supremacy and gun violence.

Today, I am hopeful: a wave of voters showed up and lifted their voices across America. They voted for their brothers and sisters in need, for the earth, for peace, for gun sense, for kindness and compassion. They elected new leaders, many women and people of color. Together, we made history. 

We are stronger as a nation when our leaders reflect the great diversity of our country. Don’t stop now. Let’s continue lifting our voices and showing up for each other in a wave of love. 

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